Mar 7, 2013


Amplifier Circuit

The circuit described here is of a  Class-B audio amplifier based on operational amplifier TL082, transistors TIP41 and TIP42. LM833 is a dual operational amplifier with  very high slew rate and low noise distortion particularly designed for audio applications. This audio amplifier circuit can delivers upto 15 watt audio output into an 8 ohm speaker at +12/-12V DC dual supply. Both operational amplifiers in the IC(LM833) are used here. IC1a is connected as a buffer and capacitor C3 decouples the input. Ic1b is connected in the inverting mode and it provides negative feedback. Complementary power transistors TIP41 and TIP42 are connected in the Class B push pull scheme and they drives the loud speaker. Diode D1 provides 0.7V bias voltage for the push pull pair and capacitor C2 protects the 0.7V bias voltage across D1 from heavy voltage swings at the IC1b’s output.

 Key Points:

  1. Assemble the audio amplifier circuit on a good quality Board and Use a holder for every IC using here. Variable Resistor R2 can be used for controlling the volume.
  2. +12/-12V dual supply must be use for powering the amplifier. 
  3. TIP42 and 41 can supplied maximum of 6A.
  4. Maximum supply voltage for IC1 is +16/-16 V DC.

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