Feb 4, 2013

RF wireless PWM DC motor speed control

The transmitter circuit below consists of WZ-X01 RF module, Holtek HT-640 encoder and 8 bit A/D converter. U1 ADC0804 converts the analog voltage to digital data, U2 encodes that data (D0~D6) along with D6, D7 and transmitting through the RF transmitter module.

The potentiometer VR1 varies the voltage to the A/D U1 pin6, since only the lower 6 bits are used; the trim pot VR2 has to adjust so that the maximum input to the U1 will not exceed 1.25V. The S2 (D6) and S3 (D7) are used for controlling the rotation direction of the motors. S1 set the transmitter address; this address has to match with the address of the decoder circuit

.Source: WZMICRO

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