Dec 29, 2012


Vertu phones

Vertu is a British-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones. Formerly a wholly owned subsidiary, the business was an independently run division of the Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia. In October 2012, Nokia sold Vertu to private equity group EQT VI for an unspecified amount[1] but will retain a 10% share.[2] 
Vertu phones are handmade in its factories in Church Crookham, Hampshire, England. The most expensive model it has ever made is the Signature Cobra, at £213,000 (~$310,000); the most expensive regular model is the Signature Diamond at £55,000 (~$83,000). Prices start at £3500 for the Constellation model.[3]
The business is based in the United Kingdom with offices in New York City, Beirut, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore Tokyo. Vertu's president and chief operating officer is Perry Oosting and its former Principal Designer is Frank Nuovo. The business has over 600 employees.


The flagship model is called the Signature. Its key pad contains nearly 5 carats of ruby bearings.
Other models include: Ascent, Constellation Classic, Ayxta, along with smartphones Constellation Quest, and the Constellation Touch (released October 2011). Ascent phones are designed to be lightweight and durable, made of aluminium or titanium with vulcanised rubber and leather. The Constellation Classics are simple and small handsets. Ayxtas are flip phones that come in numerous variants and colors. The Quest is the first smartphone by Vertu, equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard made from sapphire sculpted keys. The Constellation T is the first touchscreen model from Vertu.[4]

Limited edition

Vertu makes handsets in collaboration with at least Ferrari[5] and Boucheron.[6] In early 2012, three different limited edition models of the Signature were released for the Year of the Dragon.[7]


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