Feb 4, 2013

RF based Station Name Display and Announcement System

This project is designed and developed for helping the passengers traveling in train and bus especially during night. The people who are not aware of the station on which one should get down will find this very helpful. Here the station name is displayed and announced simultaneously when the station is about to reach which can assist both literate and illiterate.
The RF technology is used in the project to communicate between the transmitter and receiver. Each transmitter has a unique binary code which is transmitted continuously to space in a particular range. This signal is captured by the receiver when it reaches in its range. So in the case of a train, the transmitter placed in the station is detected by the receiver in the train and the binary code is processed to give out the station name display and audio corresponding to the binary code in the receiver. A LCD unit is used for displaying the station name and a speaker is used for the announcement.

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