Feb 28, 2013


Want to switch mains appliances on and off remotely? This UHF Remote Mains Switch can do it for you. It’s operated using a handheld UHF transmitter, and an in-built timer also enables the unit to turn off automatically after a preset period.
 There are many instances when it would be convenient to switch an appliance on or off remotely, rather than switching it manually. Such circumstances include switching on pathway lights when you arrive home, switching garden and/or pool lighting on or off, and switching power to water pumps. remote switching can also be very convenient for appliances that are difficult to access, eg, in a factory. This unit was originally designed to switch mains-powered water pumps on and off in response to signals transmitted by a water tank level meter base station. however, we soon realised that by adding a separate hand held transmitter to control the unit, it could also be used as a stand-alone unit for lots of other applications. Commercial remote control mains-operated switches are readily available for switching appliances rated up to about 1000W. however, if you want to switch devices rated over 1000W, or control water pumps, then you need the UhF remote Mains Switch described here. It can switch devices rated at up to 2500W over a range of up to 200m. That’s 10 times the range typically available from the low-cost commercial units!
Main Features

• Switches loads of up to 1875W (or 2500W using 10A mains wiring)
• Up to 10 units can be used with the transmitter, each with a separate
• 16 encoder selections
• Over 200m range
• Unit is operated using a separate handheld UHF transmitter
• On and off switching via remote transmitter or local switch
• Timer operates from one minute to four hours in 15 ranges,
plus a continuously on selection
• Brownout detection switching
• Optional power-on variation
• Not suitable for security or safety-critical applications.

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