Feb 19, 2013


A while ago I came up with the idea of using a microwave transformer as a high voltage, high current power supply. Even though I had no use for such a supply, I decided to design one anyway. This is a very simple design mainly to show that there are uncommon uses for common parts.

 Note: I have not built this supply because I have no use for it. Really it is nothing more then a transformer, rectifier and filter. If you build this supply without knowledge in electronics or high voltage, you have basically signed your own death certificate. This supply can be very dangerous if not treated properly. DO NOT BUILD THIS SUPPLY UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING! I assume no responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by this supply.

This is the schematic of the High Voltage High Current Power Supply



Total Qty.
C110.68uF 2200V Capacitor
T112KV Microwave Transformer
S1110 Amp 120VAC Switch
C412000uf Electrolytic Capacitor
MISC1Wire, Line Cord, Output Terminals


  1. This circuit is dangerous! Do not build it if you do not have any experience with electronics or high voltage.
  2. The circuit can produce about 250-500mA at 2KV, depending on the transformer.
  3. For C1, you can use the capacitor out of an old microwave.
  4. This circuit is mainly provided as a demonstration of using commonly available parts for something uncommon.

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