Dec 29, 2012


MP3 Player Kit

MP3 Player with Digital FM Radio Receiver

   This circuit project is used for playing mp3 files from a memory chip, card reader or from a pen drive. Same circuit is also used for receiving telecast of FM band Radio with digital Display of frequency.
You will need MP3 Kit.
Kit include MP3 Card with Digital Display, USB port, Remote Control and connecting cables as shown in the fig below :

You will need IR (Infra Red) Sensor which is commonly used in TV, DVD Player etc.
   You will need Power Supply Source of 5V. You can use Voltage Regulator IC7805 if source voltage is greater then 6 Volt.
Power Supply Source can be 4Pcs chargeable Pencil Battery for portable use or for mains 230V Supply you have to use a 9V Transformer with rectifier circuit also known as adapter plus a Regulator IC 7805 as shown in the fig below.
You can also use SMPS type adapter of 5 Volt 1A. which is commonly available for mini cd Player or ipod charger. In that case you don’t need to use Regulator IC.
   Half Amp current is enough if you are not using an Amplifier Circuit.
   If you wish to use Speaker then you have to use Amplifier Circuit.
For Amplification you can use 6283 Circuit.

   For Simple Circuit new Project we have omitted panel button which is marked K1,K2,K3 and K4 on PCB. All function is included in remote.
Circuit Diagram of this project will be available soon.
6283 Amplifier Circuit will be available soon.
Circuit Diagram of low cost refrigerator will be available soon.

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