Dec 25, 2012


As the sheer volume of data that need to be managed increases, so, too, does the opportunity to lose data. Consequently, more and more people take positive attitude to have the plans for making backups for data to avoid data loss. Most of them are likely to copy their crucial data on the portable device such as USB flash drive. But what if they lost data from USB flash drive, how should they do to recover data from USB flash drive?
In this case, a reliable data recovery software can help you get out of this dilemma. USB flash drive data recovery software is the very one that empowers you to recover deleted, formatted, lost data from USB flash drive.
Below are the easy steps:
Step 1. Download & install & run this USB Data Recovery program. Insert your USB flash drive into your PC.
Step 2. To recover deleted files, choose “Deleted Recovery”.To recover files from formatted USB flash drive, select “Format Recovery”. Select you flash drive from the partition list. (For Format Recovery, you need to select the file system which your flash drive used before recover files from USB flash drive).
Step 3. Click “Scan”. A window-explorer-like window appears. Unfold the folders in the left column and highlight the folders you would like to recover, then the files are listed on the left pane. Choose the ones you need to recover.
Step 4. Click “Recover” to initiate the recovery. You are requested to specify a location on your hard drive, or other portable device (NOT this USB flash drive).
Step 5. Click “OK” to finish USB flash drive recovery.

Therefore, we can conclude that keeping backups for data in one storage device is not safe enough. Because sometimes an evil chance seldom comes alone. You had better secure your files by having a third, even fourth back up of it to increase your chances for being able to recover data from USB flash drive.
Method One: Back up your files on other portable storages such as zip disk, external hard drive.
Method Two: Use online storage service with the “Cloud” technology.
Method Three: Copy an entire hard drive to CD, DVD or second hard drive.
Method Four: Send yourself Emails with attachments (contain your crucial files). This method suits for backing up smaller files.

If catastrophic data loss actually happens, try USB flash drive data recovery program to recover data from pen drive. Next time, don’t let the advice above fall on deaf ears. Back up your data regularly.

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